US Attorney General Sessions to recuse himself from Russia probes

The Ugly Truth

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Head of Trump’s Justice Department yields to pressure from Democrats and Republicans after it emerged he met with Moscow envoy during campaign

ed note–

‘…And when Pilate saw that he was accomplishing nothing, but that instead a riot was breaking out, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying “I am innocent of this man’s blood, and you yourselves shall bear the responsibility…’

This passage, taken from the gospel of St. Matthew where the hated Jesus of Nazareth has been brought before the Roman governor Pilate by His enemies making up Judea, Inc serves as a good comparison to what those same interests today are trying to do vis a vis the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Just as 2,000 years ago when those same interests wore Pilate down with their incessant, insane demands, and the more that Pilate tried reasoning with them the more irrational and violent they…

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