UK border forces detain anti-Semitic Polish ex-priest

Jacek Miedlar, who espouses anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, left his Catholic order after it banned him from public speaking 



antisempollackBY AFP February 26

British border authorities on Saturday detained a controversial Polish former priest at London’s Stansted airport, preventing him from speaking at a rally in central England.

Jacek Miedlar, 28, is known in Poland for sympathising with the far-right nationalist group ONR — serving as their unofficial chaplain — and was invited to speak at a rally in Telford.

However, he was unable to attend the event, organised by far-right group Britain First, after being detained by officials, The Guardian reported.

“An individual was detained at Stansted airport at 8.40am this morning by Border Force officers working closely with Essex police,” said the interior ministry.

“Where we believe someone poses a risk, Border Force officers can – and do – refuse them entry.”

Campaign group “Hope not Hate” tweeted: “Bad news for Britain First: Jew-hating priest Jacek Miedlar has been held and prevented from entering the country.”

Miedlar has a history of making controversial statements and taking part in anti-migrant rallies.

In one recording, he said that the “worst enemies of the Church and the world are Jewish imperialists and free-masonry.”

He was investigated for hate speech but prosecutors cleared him of any offences.

His previous religious order, The Congregation of the Mission, banned him from public speaking, leading him to quit in September 2016.

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