Muslim campaign raises over $100,000 for vandalized Jewish cemetery

The Ugly Truth


ed note–it cannot be overstated how much of a loss this is that the Islamic community has fallen into the clutches of Judea, Inc. Better than anyone else, they should have known that the very people cozying up to them in the aftermath of Trump’s election are the VERY SAME people who arranged, orchestrated, and oversaw the entire campaign of demonizing them in the aftermath of 9/11.

In all fairness however, equal blame goes to those circles within ‘the right’ and specifically the ‘White Nationalists’ who fell for the Judaic bait years ago when they began the campaign of growling about ‘the Muzzies taking over white lands’. Rather than recognizing the strategic importance of building alliances with the Muslim community–and let’s keep in mind here that we are talking about almost 2 BILLION PEOPLE–these groups/individuals elected instead to ‘go with the flow’ of ‘the brotherhood’ and in the process, by so doing, drove…

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