Martin Luther: On The Jews And Their Lies, 1543 AUDIO BOOK

First published in English in 1948, Martin Luther’s 1543 effort to expose the “idolatry, lies, cursing and blasphemy” within the violence-inciting, conspiratorial, vicious, hateful, hate-mongering, racial supremacist, anti-Christian, immoral rabbinical teaching compiled into the encyclopedic-sized Talmud.

Due to tight control of the tribe’s media, publishing, broadcasting, and those hundreds of millions to cowed to speak up and state the obvious, few today realize the great Protestant reformer, the same man who dared to expose the Catholic Church’s corruption of the Bible let loose on the usurious Jews just 2 short years before he died. But not before giving one final sermon on the same subject.

It was only after this book and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were published and shared in Germany that ordinary mothers and fathers and their children began to rise up against the rich, morally corrupt oppressors who’d betrayed Europe’s kindness and racial and religious tolerance.

Their enemy repaying them with pornography, a defamatory anti-German defamatory press, the economically disastrous Treaty of Versailles, while no doubt hiding and excusing the involvement of their tribe in criminal activities, just as they continue to do today.

It wasn’t the runaway best-selling Mein Kampf that brought a nation to its feet, but this book, along with the efforts of an independent press exposing the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Even today, the tribalist press astonishingly continues to deny the veracity of its precisely prophetic passages.

In no uncertain terms, Luther mocked racial puritists’ supremacist attitudes, their hypocrisy, even suggesting Talmudists’ houses be “razed and destroyed”, that rabbis be forbidden to teach. All of which is used to drum up even more sympathy for those poor oppressed billionaires and their tribe of millionaires who suffered like everyone else under the threat Typhus because of all the wars and economic hardships they’d inflicted on people, bringing about a hell on earth for much of Europe, the Soviet Union, and especially China, if you’re going to give Talmudic Zionist Marxists credit for China’s Red Army massacres and mass famines.

Fans of censorship (because it’s not just the crime, but the cover-up) will note the following paragraph was also omitted from English language editions of his work:

“For I have read your Rabbis, how they simply cry out that Christ is a crucified and damned Jew … so please take this as a friendly warning: for the sake of that Crucified Jew, I would willingly do my best for your people but I will not contribute to your obstinacy by my own kind actions. You must find another intermediary with my good lord.”

Luther’s letter to Rabbi Josel as cited by Gordon Rupp, Martin Luther and the Jews (London: The Council of Christians and Jews, 1972), 14. This paragraph is not available in the English edition of Luther’s works.

Given that this was published in English AFTER World War II, and was previously written in a language few Americans will bother to read, this might be something your professor’s knew nothing about. Except what little they were told out of context.

By 1948, nobody in the media was likely to recommend reading it for yourself.

Congratulations for being among the very few who dare to see for yourself what “anti-semite” really means. (Often it just means someone with facts that make Jews look bad, foolish, dangerous, or stupid.)

Recommended: Henry Ford’s series, the International Jew, which presents a more modern, more humble, more balanced perspective of the threats facing humanity today.


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