US Jewish groups berate Trump for ‘besmirching’ reporter over anti-Semitism question

The Ugly Truth


Anti-Defamation League says US president’s response to Jake Turx was ‘honestly mind-boggling’

ed note–as we have pointed out here before, of the many things about Trump that has Judea, Inc nervous is his TOTAL refusal to prostrate himself to the most powerful weapon they possess, the media. His penchant for spitting back at them when they do it to him, and then, as in this case, refusing to show even a microbe of anxiety over their ‘holy of holies’–the charge of ‘anti-Shemitism’–indicate to them that the black magic which they have used successfully in intimidating/blackmailing/bullying previous presidents and politicians is powerless, and this has them very nervous. The fact that he did all of this while standing next to Netanyahu should not be underestimated for its importance either, as it was as much a message to him and his cousins as it was to the JMSM in America.

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