Trump was ‘ready’ to move embassy to Jerusalem, but then changed his mind, top Republican says

The Ugly Truth


Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee claims US president stepped back from controversial relocation after considering regional fallout

ed note–possible, but doubtful. Trump didn’t amass his billions by rolling the dice. Every business venture into which he has involved himself was thoroughly researched and analyzed from A-Z, North to South, and East to West before he committed himself. If indeed this was the impression Trump created in his various dealings with the very pro-Israel Corker, it was because he knew he was dealing with a pro-Israel operative whose perspective would have carried weight with Netanyahu and therefore wanted to utilize him in such a way as to neutralize Zionist opposition to him during the election season and thus help his chances at being elected. Furthermore, it sends a message to Judea, Inc that Trump is not the chump they imagined him being and that now that he is wearing the crown of…

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