Establishment aka Jews want Gen. Flynn out Pelosi wants General Flynn ‘suspended and stripped of his intelligence clearance until the facts are known’





ed. Who know what direction Gen. Flynn is going in. He threatens Iran  and “Flynn has expressed support for Israel, but he  was accused of    antiJewish tweeting..

One thing is clear the “establishment” wants him gone.



True to her nature of passing bills without knowing what’s in them, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosiis just as eager to remove Republican administration officials before having the facts.

The San Francisco liberal issued a statement on Saturday calling on President Donald Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn to be suspended and stripped of his intelligence clearance over reports that he privately discussed sanctions with Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., The Hill reported.

“The President and his National Security Advisor have given the Russians the impression that whatever they do, they are not to worry, because the Trump White House will not stand against their aggression,” Pelosi said in the statement.




“General Flynn should be suspended and have his intelligence clearance revoked until the facts are known about his secret contacts with the Russians.”

There is no evidence that Flynn made any promises that the Trump administration would alter sanctions put in place by former President Barack Obama in December, according to The Hill.

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In addition to calling for an FBI investigation of Trump’s relationship with Moscow, Pelosi wants Congress to appoint an “outside commission” to examine the ties — a request House Speaker Paul Ryan will not be moving on any time soon.

“President Trump’s kowtowing to Vladimir Putin is endangering our national security and emboldening a dangerous tyrant,” the Democrat lawmaker claimed. “What do the Russians have on President Trump that he would flirt with lifting sanctions and weakening NATO?”

This coming from the person who sat silent when former President Barack Obama was caught on a hot mic kowtowing to Putin by telling outgoing Russian president Dmitry Medvedev he’d have “more flexibility” after the 2012 election.


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