Syria’s Assad agrees with Trump, says terrorists hiding among Syrian refugees

The Ugly Truth


ed note–So, a Muslim leader of a mostly-Muslim nation who ‘made the list’ of those from whom refugees would be temporarily banned until a better screening process was developed, is agreeing with Trump’s decision.

Now, don’t tell me, let me guess…Assad did this because he is a ‘secret Jew’ working for Israel, and since Trump is ‘owned by the Jews’ and is out to do their bidding–which includes seeing Syria destroyed, either by Mossad created terrorists such as ISIS or throughout overt, outright war–Assad is therefore assisting Trump in this endeavor, even though his making this statement that validated Trump’s recent Executive Order puts at risk the relationship he has with Iran?

As the character Vizzini famously said over and over again in the thoroughly-enjoyable film The Princess Bride, when faced with his plans going awry–


Perhaps those who let themselves get ‘caught up in the moment’ in the aftermath…

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