Is Pope Francis the Antichrist?

By Michael Hoffman
The “who am I to judge?” pontiff issues a judgment on Donald Trump:  “Not a Christian”
We’ve got a history lesson for “His Holiness” —  Christianity from Britain to Italy was repeatedly saved and preserved through victories in border wars and by erecting walls and forts.  Mr. Trump is right about illegal immigration: we need a wall to defend our land.  If the pontiff is going to start issuing certificates of excommunication he ought to begin by cleaning his own papal house:
I. Starting with the bishops and cardinals who approve of the crime of sodomy, such as Bruno Forte, who wrote: “…connected to homosexual unions it has to be noted that there are cases in which mutual aid to the point of sacrifice constitutes a precious support in the life of the partners.”
—Archbishop Bruno Forte, Relatio post disceptationem, 2014 Church of Rome Synod on the Family (emphasis supplied).
II. The Pontifical Commission of Pope Francis teaches the abominable heresy that Jews are saved by genetic descent and need not believe in Jesus Christ: “…it does not in any way follow that the Jews are excluded from God’s salvation because they do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah of Israel and the Son of God.”  Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, December 10, 2015. Cardinal Kurt Koch, President (emphasis supplied).
 The Pope of Rome’s intervention in the process of the American people choosing the next President of the United States is an outrageous act of foreign subversion. Francis reigns in an Italy with one of the lowest birthrates on earth. He is on record mocking Catholics who “breed like rabbits.”  He preaches social justice and compassion for the poor while benefiting from the usury proceeds of his shylock Vatican Bank. This “Holy Father” is a mentally and spiritually sick individual.
As Christians we support the building of a just society in places like the failed state of Mexico. This begins with sealing the border so that the best and brightest in that nation will remain in their land, and with the help of the people of the United States, extirpate from their government and society the plague of systematic bribery, corruption, kidnapping, rape and mass murder. Turning the USA into Mexico serves no one but the devil.
The truth is, Pope Francis refuses to judge the mortal sins that he regards as virtually harmless. He only issues judgments against those acts which were long ago deemed civic virtues when sanity still prevailed in Christendom.
One need not favor the invasion of one’s nation to qualify as a follower of Christ. The call for open borders is a revolutionary plank of the Babylonian Beast System, with Antichrist at its head.
Michael Hoffman is the author of Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not; and the editor of Revisionist History newsletter, published six times a year.
Luke 6:36 • Luke 11:41 • Acts 10:31 • 1 Tim. 5:8 • 1 Tim. 6:18
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