5 thoughts on “Trump says ‘prove’ Putin murdered journalists, alleges U.S. killed thousands on Clinton’s watch

  1. Dante Ardenz

    Trump is amazing ! The best we ever had since JFK ” knew the score” …the man is taking on the hypocrisy of Left/Right Matrix .

    How dare the West/US accuse anyone of ” murder” ,when it commits such acts through the CIA/Mossad/MI 6 all the time ,and throughout history .

    These sorts of charges against others are so stale.


  2. Darwin26

    Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Trump could have easily said ‘killed millions since Truman ‘ whatever he’s a detriment to society and humanity.


  3. a5r3am

    Trump and Pres. Putin will make a great team and that’s why the CIA, Mossad and even NATO are having a temper tantrum full of dreadful phobias.


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