Why did Chuck Hagel “quit”?

Why did Chuck Hagel “quit”?


By Staś


On November 24, 2014, it was announced that  Chuck Hagel would resign from the position of Secretary of Defense following conflicts within the administration, particularly relating to issues concerning ISIS/ISIL

Chuck Hagel quit his post in the Obama white house. We think we know why. But do we?

In a  recent article in FP Foreign Policy Hagel is quoted as saying,”The White House tried to destroy me.”

Click here for the FP article that states the Obama admin. “stabbed him in the back.:

Did he get sick of the lies?

“He was pushed out by President Barack Obama, sources told CNN, because of internal administration disagreements over ISIS strategy.”

Perhaps Hegal could not come to grips with the fact that ISIS is a creation of the CIA/Mossad.

Matt Drudge himself even admits that ISIS has been armed by the United States.


Did Chuck Hagel have enough of the “neocon crazes”

Comments like the white house “micromanaged the Pentagon”. hide what Chuck Hegal really wants to say, but can not say.

The former senator also had harsh words to say about the Obama administrations handling of Syria.

Hagel Slams Obama’s Strategy on Syria, Says White House Stabbed Him in the Back

Hegel’s  job must have been a nightmare. Stuck between the Israel lobby  and Obama.


How many generals in the Pentagon are out of their minds such as  the Fox News Military Analyst Gen. Robert Scales who Wants to ‘Start Killing Russians‘. Imagine what its like to work with guys like that.

Well, why don’t you go over there in person and kill them General?

At least the censored Saturday Night Live bit about the ridiculous Hagel confirmation hearing was very funny. It is easy to see why it never went on the air.

Click here for the censored SNL Chuck Hagel bit

Or click here Watch Chuck Hagel’s Secretary of Defense Confirmation Hearing from Saturday Night Live online at NBC.com.



3 thoughts on “Why did Chuck Hagel “quit”?

  1. Chuck Hagel sold his soul to be Defense Chief …upon taking the job ,he was impudent from the beginning .
    Shadow boxing with the Israeli Lobby /Neoconservative agents ,and Talmudic Left/Right Matrix.

    Unless a courageous movement is founded to combat the agents of Israel ,and their International Finance rule of the West /USA /NATO , nothing can change; ” Perpetual war for perpetual peace ,as Laurence Dennis termed it will continue until ultimate doom for us all.

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