Bernie Sanders on the Palestinian Issue.

Bernie Sanders on the Palestinian Issue.


Sanders is supposed to be a so called “progressive “and a “liberal.”

When it comes to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians  he  seems to have a lot in common with the so called neoconservatives. Click here:This town meeting is a clear example of the real Berrnie. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) got into a heated confrontation with constituents during a town hall in his home state this past weekend. After a woman in the crowd asked Sanders about a Senate resolution that condemned Hamas but “said nothing” about Israel’s “massacre” of Palestinians in Gaza, the senator became defensive, fighting off angry residents with shouts of “Excuse me! Shut up!”.

Sanders if elected president of the Untied States he will surly lead US into greater conflict with Russia.

Perhaps even a nuclear conflict.

It is doubtful he would get along well with Putin.

Don’t be a smuck vote for Trump.






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