Stenography and 911

Who Broke the Codes on 911?


Stenography and 911

By Staś

Wars always start with codebreaking.


My thoughts are about high technology and 9/11. Cryptology and code breaking are a key to winning in war. The “Cryptanalysis of the Enigma” enabled the western Allies more easily “win” WWII.

I contend 9/11 was no different.



The key to warfare is sophisticated technology.

And the 9/11 is no different. It was not just a crude attack with box cutters.

There was a high-tech aspect to the 911 attacks.

The Mighty National Security Agency was completely beaten on 9/11. Trillions have been spent on the Congressional Military Establishment and the cult of intelligence and yet they failed us on 9/11.

I do not say that theses guys don’t know what they are doing but they have been penetrated. They have beat by whom?

We have been told that it is not a matter if but when another attack will take place.

It is clear that “the empire” has been penetrated by traitors and by someone with access to equal to or superior technology superior to the NSA  and it will happen again.

The technology angle of who was behind 9/11 has not been sufficiently looked into.

According to The Terror Conspiracy by Jim Marrs whoever was behind the attacks on 9/11

Beat the incredibility sophisticated technology of the US. They blew by the NSA.

Who could do that?


Mr. Marrs was drawing upon an article in the neoconservative publication World Net Daily Digital Moles in White House? Terrorists had top-secret presidential codes.


“In the week after the attacks in New York and Washington, more hair-raising facts emerged. The terrorists had also obtained the code groups of the National Security Agency and were able to penetrate the NSA’s state-of-the-art electronic surveillance systems. Indeed, they seemed to have at their disposal an electronic capability that was more sophisticated than that of the NSA.”


The article goes on to point the blame on Bin Laden and the Saudis the official story on 9/11 and does not reflect on any other list of suspects who may have had the technological capability.


Here are some more key quotes from The World Net daily article.

“This startling observation came as no surprise to those tracking the globe-spanning investments of Saudi Arabia’s Bin Laden family and those of its exiled son, Osama, in some of the world’s biggest and most advanced satellite and telecommunications companies. “

So it was Bin Laden and his crew of hackers who broke the codes and threatened Bush and Air Force One?

Then they go on to name names. Have these people been questioned?

“Bin Laden also has the NSA beat on the employment front, hiring the best computer experts on the market. One such is Nabil Khan Kani, a Syrian who lived in Barcelona with his Spanish wife, Jenna Florine, in the late 1980s and early 1990s. “

Mr. Marrs goes on to point out again and again that the perpetrators of the attack used sophisticated technology to beat the NSA.

Marrs writes:

“Someone had penetrated the Nation Security Agency’s (NSA) Echelon surveillance system. In fact, the perpetrators appeared to have more electronic capability  then even  the NSA , including the use of stenography technology that allows it’s users to bypass Echelon and other electronic monitoring by hiding messages randomly otherwise innocent digital files such as music or online advertisements, e-mail headers or even internet pornography. Such buried messages leave no trace of their presence the idea is that someone had access to our latest and most sophisticated electronic technology.”

We have to ask the basic question. Who has “More electronic capability” then even the NSA?

Steganography defined by Webster’s online dictionary.

Steg`a*nog”ra*phy (?), nfrom the Greek. covered (fr. to cover closely) + -graphy.] The art of writing in cipher, or in characters which are not intelligible except to persons who have the key; cryptography.

Steganography defined by Free On-line Dictionary of Computing

Steganography. Hiding a secret message within a larger one in such a way that others can not discern the presence or contents of the hidden message. For example, a message might be hidden within an image by changing the least significant bits to be the message bits.

The meaing behind this word is intriguing. According to Wikipedia online Steganographia  a book written by is by  Johannes Trithemius  is a treatise on cryptography and steganography disguised as a book on “black magic.”

Did the 911 terrorist use stenography or 911?   This would mean they would have had to have the technical savvy the access to technology the money and the motive.

Also regarding high technology there is the story of the infamous pre 911 stock trading activities. Someone bought a lot of “puts” on 911.  (Option traders’ trade on future stock value “call options” bet that the stock will go up in the future puts options” mean the trader is betting the stock is going down.)  Pre-9/11 Put Options were bought on Companies hurt by the 9/11 attack indicates foreknowledge

Cui bono good for who? Who benefits? Cui prodest “for whom it advances?

Air Force One is next” was the threat that came though to President Bush.

Who was really behind the attacks on 9/11?  After trillions in spending can this great American Republic even defend itself?

Not a matter of if but when another comes our leaders say. They say when they want to terrify the public.

What is going on? Why can’t the SEC trace down the stock traders who bought put options prior to 911? They never will. Some of the specialized investigative units who investigate financial crime were blown away on 911. That is another sad story.

It is interesting to note that conspiracy researchers put a lot of the blame on President George W. Bush. Regarding the 911 conspiracy. “Was President Bush the prime mover behind the 911 conspiracy? Then who threatened him and Air Force One on 911? Who threatened Mr. Big?

One thing is for certain then codebreaking can be dangerous. The so called Verona codebreaking Project was a fascinating counterintelligence codebreaking operation which revealed that the United States was penetrated by communist agents. It uncovered that the Manhattan Project for instance was riddled with spies. The USS Liberty was a “spy ship” and 34 members of her crew of her crew were killed by the Israelis. You may or may not remember the death of Gareth Williams he was with the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) the British NSA and working on attachment with MI6 the British CIA. He was found dead in his own gym bag? What did he stumble onto?

It is interesting to note the NSA defector Edward Snowden has informed the world of the dangers of the NSA eavesdropping. Fair enough. But he never mentions the possibility of the NSA itself being penetrated. He most certainly never mentions where the NSA gets its sophisticated software. Could it be from startup companies with alumni from Israel’s UNIT 8200 the best of the best?  Or do they purchase cheap parts from China? Because of extreme “free trade” and globalization. Who has access to sophisticated US defense technology?

That World net Daily

Who says the NSA itself can’t be bugged?

Already we know that Verizon is monitored by Verint and AT&T is monitored by Narus. Both Israeli companies.

Now we add Mother Russia into the mix and things get really interesting. The Russians proved can they play the same games as NATO. They showed what they can do when they revealed wire taps of the insanely evil Yulia Tymoshemko  on her kill all Russians rant. The Russians have shown they can disrupt NATO electronic capability.

“The Russian military had provided a demonstration of their ability to blind even the sophisticated Aegis phased array radar, which is part of the equipment of modern US cruisers and destroyers.”

Worse the deep corruption within the Pentagon has produced the incredibly expensive F35 strike fighter which may be a high tech piece of junk. Reports have been leaked that the F35 cannot even beat the fighter it is supposed to replace. Sad.



Digital Moles in White House? Terrorists had top-secret presidential codes.


The Terror Conspiracy 2006 Jim Marrs

Business insider DID YOU KNOW? : Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged The US Telecommunications Grid For The NSA

Russia Jamming NATO

Steganography defined by Webster’s online dictionary.

Steganography defined by Free On-line Dictionary of Computing

F 35 Strikefighter can not beat plane it is replacing.

DEBKA Intelligence Files 2001 9/22/2001

One thought on “Stenography and 911

  1. I am sure the dual citizen jews of both the usa and russia have been selling out both sides not only to each other but to china as well and would use the control they have in either country to hinder and even prevent any kind of defense of itself if either would not do everything ordered and it anything thing demanded by their 1 and only leaders in isrealhell .The jews and zionists are a cabal of traitors that use bribery,blackmail,extortion and even war to aquire,maintain and keep total control of of every country.They can use their knowledge to sabotage a countries
    ability to defend themselves and give it’s secrets to an enemy who would be virtually every other country in the world.The only way they ever will be stopped if all the major countries agree to strip them of all control,military power and stolen money and hold them accountable for all the crimes they have,are and will commit.No country or people in the history of the world has doing what they are.All empires eventually fall as will theirs and they will take down the world with them it is already happening economically,socially and envirormentally

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