Beware of the 9/11 Truth movement.


Beware of the 9/11 Truth movement.

“Because it sucks.”

By Staś


There is something wrong about the 9/11 truth movement.

Certain people who are skeptical enough find their way into the 911 is an “inside job” a conspiracy “movement”.  But wait it is not that simple. Just figuring out 9/11 is an “inside job” is not enough. The people who performed this attack or “ritual” if you will are not stupid enough to not realize that the population will react in different ways. In fact the revelation that there is a 9/11 conspiracy can still transform the population by creating a deep form of apathy and helplessness. That is if they don’t do anything about it. Which may be the case take a look at how the government displayed its power in response to the horrific Boston Marathon Bombing.

In my opinion almost the entire 911 is fake, compromised or utterly useless.

In fact Victor Thorn in his second book on 911, 911 Made in Israel revealed that the very slogan “911 is an inside job” was deliberately promoted by the Israel as a distraction.

It was not an inside job it was a false flag operation the term “inside job” misdirects the entire blame onto George Bush and Dick Chaney.  Worse still it seems to point the blame everywhere similar to Oliver Stone’s movie JFK everyone killed JFK every General every Admiral the entire chain of command. The “911 is an inside job” is an insult to honest men and woman in the government.

Who did the 911?  Well it an inside job. America did it to itself.

Yes, the 911 is an inside job phrase is revolting there are still some good people in our military and intelligence services.

The best explanation of the occult processes of transformation of the masses is found in the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michel A. Hoffman II. A book that must be read if you like to read so called “conspiracy books”

Through the writing of Hoffman one soon realizes that 9/11 just like the assignation of JFK  is a kind of Ceremonial Psychodrama a dramatic ritual designed to change the minds of all who witness it.  We are living I the era of the biggest occult psychodramas ever witnessed.

The book The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual by S.K. Bain is fantastic as well.

However we must not get too caught up in the occult aspect of 911.

Do not forget the far more important streetwise reaction to 911. It was one of the biggest events in mankind’s history yet it was in essence nothing but a typical insurance scam.

That’s right I refer to the dreaded hate term “Portuguese Lightning.” Yes I am kidding.  It is a nasty but true term meaning simply. To set your house or business on fire on purpose to get the insurance money.

The best explanation for this nasty term of “the lightning” is to read The Tailor of Panama a 1996 novel by John le Carré or the 2001 film.

Have you noticed this strange aspect to our American thinking?  An American guy will punch his own brother in the face if he discovers he is being cheated out $20.00. Yet most Americas believe for instance that Putin is a madman and he has “annexed the Crimea”.  Rubbish. Ukraine is Russia it simply means “borderlands”. Do not over complicate.

This is the danger of the so called 9/11 truth movement. Is this. Like the JFK assignation where people looked into investigated it deeply in some cases find the Warren Commission report to be filled with lies.  However then the so called conspiracy researcher or avid reader after the revelation that the assertion was done at the highest levels of our own government and is therefore powerless to do anything about it is transformed psychologically and in terms of the minds of an occultist transformed alchemically.  When they are unable to act they begin to feel a sense of helplessness and apathy sets in or worse it these significant events become trivialized as so form of entertainment.  I have no problem with is read all the comic books you want however when it comes time to form your real political opinions. Read TUT and similar media.

“We are mocked disorientated and demoralized occult prestige and potency is heightened.”  And “They  (the Cryptocracy comes from the Greek language “crypto” (secret) and “cracy” (society a term he said he gets from the Book Walter Bowart Operation mind control.) brag to us that they have gotten away with and we are thrilled by it. That is our only significant response, that and the anticipation of the next thrill.

The masses become transformed processed changed. Either by following the establishments 911 story or incredibly even if they decode 911 become swept up in the so called 911 truth movement and rick being transformed into what internet journalist Ryan Dawsan refers to as a “Conspirirtard”.

Even worse it may be part of the plan to mislead the public. Actual change agents and provocateurs.

“Thus the old strategy of exposing the cryptocracy, when applied blindly in the belief that exposure in itself is a potent weapon of the Cryptocracy, is bankrupt. Exposure and publicity by themselves, without a broader understanding of the epistemology of the Hermetic-alchemical control process itself, is worse than useless, it actually plays into the hands of the conspirators.”

Hoffman goes deeper reveling to readers a brilliant concept do describe how the occult establishment controls the masses he and his associate James Shelby Downard call it “The Revelation of the Method,” (process of human alchemy, the transformation of Man into Beast) Basically he says the overloads the leaders of this world ….actually show the masses or tells the masses what it is they are doing to them in and then they do it..

Propaganda by professionals is done in such a way that the populace has no chance of resisting it. It is well known that they use incessant reputations.

Jacques Ellul writes:

“Propaganda proceeds by psychological manipulations, character modifications, by creation of stereotypes useful when the time comes – The two great routes that this sub-propaganda takes are the conditioned reflex and the myth”

“You have To keep repeating things to Catapult The Propaganda”

President George W. Bush

In Propaganda The formation of men’s attitudes Jacques Ellul explains that the propaganda professionals create the need in people for propaganda within the population.

“A finial psychological effect of propaganda is the appearance of the need for propaganda. The individual subjected to propaganda can no longer do without it. This is a form of “snowballing”: the more propaganda there is, the more the public wants. The same is true of advertising which has been said to “feed on it’s own success”

Jacques Ellul further explains that two forms of contradictory phenomena are produced that of mithridatization and sensibilzation.

MITHRIDATIZATION It is known that under the effect of propaganda the individual closes up. Having suffered to many propaganda shocks he becomes accustomed and insensitive to them.  He no longer looks at posters to him they are just splashes of color he no longer reads the newspapers but merely skims over it posters are but splashes of color ect.

One be tempted to say:” You see how the excess of propaganda no longer has a hold on this man he reacts with indifference, he escapes it: he is mithridatized against propaganda.”

Nevertheless, this same individual continues to turn on his radio and buy his newspaper he is mitherdized yes but to what? So it’s worse the passive viewer is more deeply enslaved “ He no longer needs to read the newspaper or listens to the speech because he knows their ideological content in advance and that it would change none of his attitudes.

One does not think they are influenced by the propaganda but they are.

“But through it is true that after a certain time the individual becomes indifferent to the propaganda, that he turns from it that he is immune. IIt means exactly the opposite, for not only does he keep buying the newspaper, but he also continues to obey the rules. He continues to obey the catchwords of propaganda, though he no longer listens to it. His reflexes still function, i.e. he has not become independent through mithridatization.  He is deeply imbued with the symbols of propaganda; he is entirely he is entirely dominated and manipulated. He no longer needs to see and read the poster: the simple splash of color is enough to awaken the desired reflexes in him.” (see page 183 Propaganda Jacques Ellul.)

SENSIBILIZATION The more the individual is captured by propaganda, the more sensitive he is –not to the content, but to the impetus it gives him, to the excitement it makes him feel. The impetus it gives him, to the excitement it makes him feel. The smallest excitement the feeblest stimulates, activates his conditioned reflexes, awakens the myth, and produces the action that the myth demands. Up to this point an enormous amount of manipulation, a substantial dose of cleverly coordinated stimuli was required to achieve this in him. The motivating drives of his psyche had to be reached the doors of his unconscious had to be forced open, his attitudes and habits had to be broken and new behavior determined. This meant the use of methods and techniques at once subtle and crushing.

“But once the individual has been filled with and reshaped by propaganda action by so many methods is no longer necessary. The smallest dose now suffices. It is enough to “refresh”, to give a booster shot to repaint, and the individual obeys in sticking fashion.

The individual is arrested and crystallized with regard to his thinking.

Listen to the people who call in to major talk radio show and literally repeat the propaganda to the talk show host and be rewarded with a pat on the back.  The repeat general and meaningless slogans right out of Orwell’s 1984.  “War on Terror” “They hate us because of our freedom.” “The goal of modern propaganda is no longer to transform opinion but to arouse an active and mythical belief”

This need for propaganda in the population that is produced by the propagandist is inescapable and the fact that people become dependent upon it is sinister.

An individual who has arrived at this point has a constant and irresistible need for propaganda. He cannot bear to have it stop. Propaganda gives the public mind certainty and removes anxiety. Propaganda removes the viewer or citizen from his subhuman situation and gives him a feeling of self-importance. It permitted him to assert himself and satisfied his need for active participation.

What we have learned from Jacques Ellul is once the professional propagandist are dispatched there is no turning back war is inevitable.



Jacques Ellul. Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes. New York: Vintage Books, 1973

Victor Thorn 911 Made in Israel

Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare Michal A Hoffman II

The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual by S.K. Bain

False Flags: Template for Terror Michael Collins Piper

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