Who was behind the Shooting of Pope John Paul II?

Who was behind the Shooting of Pope John Paul II?

By Staś

Originally published by TUT Dec. 2nd 2015

We divide to rule…”–Mossad adage


At 5:18 pm, May 13th, 1981, Mehmet Alì Agca shot Pope John Paul II in the stomach and the right hand. The original story presented in the media directed the blame towards the KGB in what would became known at the time as the ‘Bulgarian Connection’.

Then-KGB Director Yuri Andropov was convinced that Pope John Paul II’s election was the product of an Anglo-German conspiracy orchestrated by Zbigniew Brzezinski to undermine Soviet hegemony in largely Catholic Poland and ultimately to precipitate the collapse of the entire Soviet Union. Thus, logically it was argued that the KGB dispatched Agca assassinate the Pope.

Ali Ağca had made several trips to Sofia, Bulgaria. He also claimed to have had contacts with a Bulgarian agent in Rome whose cover was the Bulgarian national airline office. Soon after the shooting, Sergei Antonov, a Bulgarian working in Rome for Balkan Air, was arrested, based on Ağca’s testimony, and accused of being the Bulgarian agent who masterminded the plot. In 1986, after a three-year trial, he was found not guilty. According to Paul Henze, CIA station chief in Turkey, Ağca later stated that in Sofia, he was once approached by the Bulgarian Secret Service and Turkish mafiosi who offered him three million German marks to assassinate the Pope.

American journalist Arnaud de Borchgrave claimed that the Bulgarians chose Ağca to supply themselves with plausible deniability. Choosing a member of the Grey Wolves that had allegedly been involved with the local KGB in drug smuggling routes through Bulgaria to Western Europe would put distance between themselves and the assassination because of the implausibility of the link.

I recall long ago someone suggested to me the conspiratorial notion that the CIA itself was behind the shooting of the Polish Pope, the idea being that by doing so anti-communist outrage would be stirred up worldwide. And while some obviously took great delight in speculating that it was CIA.No one has dared tread on that forbidden topic of possible Israeli involvement in it. However there are some clues within the very controversial book Dope Inc. by the Executive Intelligence Review that could lead honest researchers to consider such a possibility.

The book sites a fascinating DEA/US Customs Service report alleging that the Republic National Bank was serving as a money laundering facility for the Middle East. Republic National Bank was owned by a Jewish banker from Lebanon named Edmund Safra. The DEA report dated Jan 3, 1989, indicated that Safra’s money laundering was linked to Zurich-based company Shakarchi Trading, which in turn is linked to the Bulgarian secret police and the state-owned Globus, formerly called Kintex, both known for brokering arms for drugs deals. Another DEA report implicated Kintex’s director in the attempted assignation of Pope John Paul II. Kintex was identified as the hub of the Bulgarian connection. The 1989 memo by DEA states that Shakarchi Trading Co maintains accounts at the Republic National Bank of New York. Mahmoud Shakria maintained a close relationship with Edmund Safra who had notably donated 1 million dollars to the ADL.

Safra and the Republic National bank also had ties to Argentine businessman David Graiver who gained control of the American Bank & Trust in the United States and looted it of $50 million, causing the fourth-largest bank failure in U.S. history. In 1975 Graiver allegedly died in a plane crash not long after bank regulators discovered he had drained the bank dry of cash. Graiver was the front man for the Centrade Group, a Mossad money laundering network. One of the top men at Centrade Group was Tibor Rosenbaum, a leading figure discussed at length for his close association with Israel’s Mossad in the book Final Judgment by Michel Collins Piper. Piper makes the fascinating case for Mossad as the prime suspect behind the assignation of the Roman Catholic President John F. Kennedy.

What I am saying here is that behind the labyrinth of money laundering banks is the Mossad. Certainly Mossad benefited from the shooting of the Pope as revealed in the book Gideon’s Spies by Gordon Thomas, as it was able to install itself as the primary intelligence agency to be ‘advisor’ to the Vatican. Thus, Thomas argues, Mossad was able to insert itself directly into the Vatican as the eyes and ears of the Jewish state. According to Gordon Thomas, Mossad was in contact with Vatican spy Luigi Poggi who was told by the Mossad that the plot to kill the Pope originated in Iran with the full approval of Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini. Following the adage ‘We divide to rule’, Mossad succeeded in making the CIA look bad while at the same time inserting itself directly into a political entity whose ‘citizens’ number over 1 billion and who are spread out throughout every country on the globe.

The C.I.A. was telling the Pope that it was the KGB. The Pope went to the prison in Rome where his would-be killer Ağca was being held, and in a very dramatic meeting between JPII and Ağca, his would-be killer whispered into his ear that he was sent by ‘Islamic radicals’ to shoot him.

Upon hearing this the Pope threw out the CIA and replaced them with Mossad as primary security consultant to the Holy See.

Historically speaking the CIA benefited from the attempted assignation of Pope John Paul II in terms of the propaganda it was able to implicate against the Soviets.

But covertly it was Mossad that benefited from the shooting, in that not only were they able to get inside the Vatican, but also established the narrative that may very well be used in the future, i.e.’Islamic radicals’ killing the head of the Roman Catholic Church.


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