What was the real reason behind the “War” in Granada?

What was the real reason behind the “War in Granada”?

By Staś


president bishiop


“A lovely little war”

Readers may or may not recall when President Reagan and his massive military with the 500 ship Navy attacked the dangerous Communist island of Granada?

Korea was a tie? Vietnam a loss? Yes do not take any chances. Send 5 carrier battle groups rescue innocent American students liberate the tiny island of Granada from the godless communist. It is liberating tiny island   like this that has made the USA great.

It was called Operation Urgent Fury. A code name so cool as to justify anything that would go wrong. It was not until “Operation Acid Gambit” during the war in Panama that the military would come up with an operational code name anywhere near as cool.

During this “war” the public was told things like a group of young doctors were in danger. That we had to go in because not going in would result in a domino effect. Nicaragua had the domino effect also but this was the island version. All the islands in the area would become communist. Truth be told most Americas only know about this war because of the Clint Eastwood movie Heartbreak Ridge.

Some may recall the famous story about American paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division   having to use a pay telephone and a credit card to call in fire support during the invasion of Grenada.

The payphone story is true, but I think it was because they wanted to obscure the fact that they were there to assassinate President Bishop.


There were stories after and during this mini war that they had to overhaul the military that it was too big to sloppy. We learned we had to “be better.” A mini version of what they said after 911. We must be better now we have an even more costly homeland security super state. My opinion is this aspect to the Grenada war was greatly exaggerated. It was all a cover to get rid of Bishop.

There were meaningless stories on how the Grenadian people used voodoo to defend against the Yankee devils. Again we must not forget there was some heavy fighting so it was no joke. Cuban engineers pinned down our US Military for hours and the US lost some Cobra helicopter gunships.  But we had to do everything in our power to achieve “democracy”.

This war although small was no joke there was plenary of loss of life:

“Nearly 8,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines had participated in Operation Urgent Fury along with 353 Caribbean allies of the Caribbean Peace forces. U.S. forces sustained 19 killed and 116 wounded; Cuban forces sustained 25 killed, 59 wounded, and 638 combatants captured. Grenadian forces casualties were 45 killed and 358 wounded; at least 24 civilians were killed, 18 of whom were killed in the accidental bombing of a Grenadian mental hospital.”

Mr. Bishop was an unapologetic Marxist but the real reason behind the invasion. Or the reason behind the reason the USA attacked this tiny island was because Bishop was in favor of the Palestinian people right to be free and was rumored to be in the  process of gathering some support for the Palestinian cause in his region.

“We express our firmest support for and solidarity with the struggles of the people of Palestine led by their sole and legitimate representatives, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). On this basis, we reject the Camp David Agreement which does not have the support of the Palestinian people, the PLO, the Arab World or the entire democratic, progressive and Socialist World.”


He was a charismatic man and an excellent speech maker fighting against all forms of oppression including Zionism. That is a true black leader.

“At the same time we also have a firm commitment to the establishment of people’s rights in the international community and as such we firmly oppose imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, apartheid, racism (including Zionism) and fascism. More than this, we strongly condemn any attempt by any country to maintain any of these hostile and repugnant systems and for this reason we particularly join in the chorus of support for the application demanding mandatory sanctions against the racist state of South Africa as is provided for in Chapter 7 of the Charter of the United Nations.”


Do I believe that the United States would spend billions of dollars to send its massive military use it to attack this tiny 3rd world nation and kill its leader?  Just because he pissed off “the Lobby.”

Yes, without question I believe that is the real reason we went there to kill President Bishop. Yes, I think the CIA had Bishop killed. In fact “CIA traitor” Philip Agee attempted to warn Bishop that he was going to get hit. Photos exist of the meeting. Agee’s methods of the naming of names of CIA covert employees was questionable at best. But in any case Bishop did not heed the warning. I have heard rumors or “sources say” as Fox news would say that the CIA instructed elite airborne troops to find and to dig up the body of the president identify his remains and bury him back up. I personally believe those rumors to be true. But the actual dirty deed of assassinating Mr. Bishop was done by proxy the way the agency likes it. Yes, US imperialism or “Democracy building” which ever you choose to call it would not permit Mr. Bishop to continue to solidify his relationship with Mr. Castro of Cuba. But was this the sole reason why the US invaded this tiny island? Or was it Bishop’s support of the Palestinian people? Was this action and others such as the toppling of the secular leadership of Iraq really in the interest of the American Empire?  Not entirely I think the US would have been better off to leave Grenada alone. Is any element of US foreign policy done in the in the interests of the American people at large? No way.

Permit me to further digress here.

I would also point out that President Obama is certainly not the same kind of left wing progressive “black” leader as Bishop was not by a long shot. However the Democratic Party in some circles is truly progressive in its foreign policy thinking. Which is why one may get the feeling that Bernie Sanders no true friend of Palestinian rights has been put in place to take down Hillary Clinton who has showed some inkling of support for the Palestinian people. Though I’ve no idea how genuine she really was about it. She will regret it. Lest we forget what happened to 2007 to Vice Presidential candidate Mr. John Edwards when he dared to express some sort of vague support for a “two state solution” complete with halfhearted support for peace. Our free and open press reveled who he really was. A man who would cheat on his cancer stricken wife A man charged with 6 counts of violating campaign finance laws.

As far as the 2016 election goes we are doing our best by continuing to monitor  TUT and now BOś.  Because the truth is ugly.



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